Zavrti krug po Sljemenu… 

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Sljeme Trail Kružok (i.e. League) is a series of short trail races on Medvednica mountain, that we often lovingly (and wrongly) call Sljeme, it’s actually a name of the peak. 🙂 In case you’re not living in Zagreb and don’t know where Medvednica is, it’s just above the Zagreb. 🙂

From 2013 to 2015 we organized 15 races, each time on different course. In 2016, we took a break (only 1 organized race), but this year (i.e. 2017) we’re back! 🙂

We’ll mark the courses well so you don’t have to think about orienteering and you can concentrate on running (and enjoying). We also know that some of you will miss a turn, no matter how hard we try! 😉 We won’t tell you immediately all the details, but the routes will more-or-less look alike. They will be between 7 and 10 km long and will have not more than 500m climb. Each time a new race, a new location, a new route.

When we have a plan when and where, we’ll let you know…