Zavrti krug po Sljemenu… 

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Sljeme Trail Kružok (i.e. League) is a series of short trail races on Medvednica mountain, that we often lovingly (and wrongly) call Sljeme, it’s actually a name of the peak. 🙂 In case you’re not living in Zagreb and don’t know where Medvednica is, it’s just above the Zagreb. 🙂

From 2013 to today we’ve organized 20 races, each time with a different course.

We mark the courses well so you don’t have to think about orienteering and you can concentrate on running (and enjoying). We also know that some of you will miss a turn, no matter how hard we try! 😉 We won’t tell you immediately all the details, but the courses will be between 7 and 10 km long and will have not more than 500m climb. Each time a new race, a new location, a new route.

Check out the current season.